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Truly Beautiful, natural, handmade soaps and skincare products, bags & scarves, baskets, cushions and homewares, and homes and feeders for garden wildlife. Everything we sell is handmade either by us or by Dorset Artisans who’s work has enchanted and impressed us. We hope you will find something pure, something natural, something handmade that will suit you or your loved ones perfectly.

Only Natural Stuff is a true Cottage Industry.  Based in South Dorset Only Natural Stuff’s crafts women hand make environmentally friendly soaps, skincare and baskets from all natural, wild and sustainable ingredients with no synthetic fragrances or harmful dyes and colorants. All recipes are palm oil-free and contain pure oils and butters, herbs, wildflowers and plant gels.

Sustainable, ethical and as local as possible
All Only Natural soaps and skincare products are made by hand (from scratch!) in small batches, every single ingredients is natural,   Our view is that natural is everything that is not man-made, is either found directly in nature or derived from plants (herbs, fruits or vegetables) & is of beneficial value to our body or skin.  What is important to us is that every ingredient – oil, butter, essential oil, extract or wax – has been derived from a plant and has had the least amount of processing, without the use of chemicals, solvents and other toxins. For this reason we always choose virgin & fair trade butters and cold pressed & unrefined oils. Our ingredients for soaps, skincare products and baskets are sustainable, ethical and as local as possible (which often means our gardens, neighbouring fields and nearby farms).

We are one of the very few truly natural brands made in the United Kingdom. You will not find any hidden synthetic ingredients in our products. We use one preservative, only in products that contain spring water, and that preservative is approved by the Soil Association for use in Organic products

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