Only Natural Dog

Only Natural Handmade Dog Shampoo Bars and Only Natural Handmade Wholesome Dog Biscuits

Only Natural Handmade Dog Shampoo Bars

Cleanse and Deodorize, leaving fur soft and shiny; natural, handmade and simple

Only Natural Dog Shampoo Bars are much kinder to the skin than commercial soaps because the method used to convert the oils into soap leaves in all of the properties of the carefully selected ingredients.
Only Natural Ingredients: Our Dog Shampoo Bars are made using high quality, nourishing ingredients that were designed (by nature) to benefit your dogs skin and fur. Our Dog Shampoo Bars are simple, safe and effective. We don’t add any cheap fillers or unnecessary ingredients to our recipes. Our Dog Shampoo Bars are made with Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Goats Milk and natural sun dried wildflowers all ingredients are organic, fairtrade and/or locally sourced in Dorset. What does that mean for you and your dog? Soaps that are kind to your and your pet’s skin, nourishing and conditioning for fur, naturally. being washed

How Only Natural Dog Shampoo Bars are made:

Our Shampoo Bars are handcrafted in the true traditional cold process method where no heat is used during production means that all the precious, beneficial qualities of the oils are kept intact. Each bar is made from pure vegetable oils such as extra virgin olive, coconut oil and hemp oil and scented by infusing the oils with flowers and fresh herbs especially chosen for their skin healing & soothing and fur conditioning properties.

For those who know more about soap making, the soaps are made using the cold process which ensures that no oil is ever heated over 40C and that helps retain the oil’s natural skin loving properties. Our handmade soaps are rich in glycerine, which forms naturally during the saponification of the oils. Glycerine is usually removed from commercially produced soaps, which would explain why in the past you may have found soap very drying.

Only Natural Dog Shampoo Bars are truly natural real soaps

that are nourishing for your pet’s skin and fur. So not only are our soaps made from natural saponified oils and have their glycerine retained, but they also have goats milk which is widely recognized as beneficial to skin and hair. The end result is pure natural soap, which not only produces a rich and creamy lather, but moisturises your pet’s skin and fur as it cleanses. Only Natural Dog Shampoo bars have no added colouring; the colour of our shampoo bars comes from the natural colour of the ingredients used in each recipe.

Only Natural Dog Shampoo Bars are un-fragranced

; the scent of the soap comes entirely from ingredients chosen for their skin and hair nourishing, moisturising and healing properties.

Only Natural Dog Shampoo Bars contain only the ingredients listed.

Our soaps are not tested on animals other than our own dogs and on human friends and family. The soaps contain absolutely no artificial colours or fragrances; no parabens or chemical preservatives; no petroleum products or synthetic additives; no SLS, SLES or harsh detergents.

Only Natural Dog Shampoo Bars are suitable for all dogs

– even those with sensitive skin. Only Natural Dog Shampoo Bars clean deeply and rinse away easily, removing odors and leaving fur soft and shiny.

Please note: Each small batch of Shampoo Bars is individually and lovingly handmade from only natural ingredients and individually hand cut. So colours and shapes may vary slightly from those illustrated in the photographs. Shampoo Bars are sold by weight and will be the weight you order or slightly greater.

Only Natural Dog Shampoo Bars are certified as meeting European Safety Standards for naturally produced soaps.

Only Natural Handmade and Wholesome Dog Biscuits

being baked

Handmade with love, wholesome and natural dog biscuits made with fresh herbs, whole oats, wholemeal and wheat free varieties and a special Sensitive Tummy variety for dogs with delicate digestive systems but who still like a treat now and again.