Only Natural Skincare

Extremely gentle, pure and natural Creams, Butters and Cleansers

Only Natural handmade and simple

Natural moisturizers and cleansers carefully crafted from fairtrade and local oils and scented with homegrown herbs infused in natural spring water. Suitable for all skin types including those with sensitive skin. Safe, pure, honest.

Only Natural products are handmade using only local or fairtrade ingredients.

Nothing artificial is added. A preservative is used only in products that contain spring water and then we use only one preservative, Geogard Ultra, which is approved by the Soil Association for use in Organic products. The pure, natural oils used to make the butters, balm and soaps mean they will stay fresh for months at room temperature. We at Only Natural Skincare have never had a product deteriorate. We hope you, like everyone else who has tried it, will use it up long before it would lose its freshness.

Only Natural Skincare Products are made with safe natural ingredients and have been tested on friends and family – all humans, all volunteers.