Olive Oil

Only Natural Dog Pure Shampoo


A Pure and Simple Dog Shampoo made with olive oil to nourish and moisturize your dogs skin and fur and a hint of castor oil for a rich lather.
Priced per 100g bar

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Product Description

Only Natural Dog Shampoo Bars are truly natural real soaps

that are nourishing for your pet’s skin and fur. Our Dog Shampoos are from natural saponified oils and have their glycerine retained the end result is pure natural soap, which not only produces a rich and creamy lather, but moisturises your pet’s skin and fur as it cleanses. Only Natural Dog Shampoo bars have no added colouring; the colour of our shampoo bars comes from the natural colour of the ingredients used in each recipe.

Only Natural Dog Shampoo Bars are un-fragranced;

the scent of the soap comes entirely from ingredients chosen for their skin and hair nourishing, moisturising and healing properties.


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